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About us

Nearly 100 years ago, a phenomenon began to sweep Japan, and visitors young and old from near and far began to descend upon the quaint agricultural community grouped at the base of the mountains, asking for a place to stay.  Their intent, it seemed, was to hike further up and ski back down for pleasure - something even the locals did not do.  Our hotel, like the others in Tsugaike, was born in response to the ever-increasing number of visitors and their requests for lodging with each passing winter.

Before the advent of skiing as a leisure activity, this alpine plateau, now known as Tsugaike Kogen, was an unsettled area of abundant forest.  Due to the climbing popularity of skiing, it began to be cleared and settled by a group of villagers originally living lower on the mountain.  While the area was remote and completely snowbound in winter, the move was a blessing from the mountains as the birth of ski tourism allowed the people a means to earn an income even during the harsh winter months.  Some years later ski lifts were installed, bringing even more people to the area each winter, and Tsugaike slowly grew into the village that it is today.


From the very outset, the first generation of Tsugaike's settlers worked wholeheartedly to reclaim and cultivate the land near what would one day be the Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort.  Because of their vision and relentless efforts to make it a reality, our hotel now sits in a perfect location, less than a 5-minute walk (with ski boots) from the gondola and several other lifts serving the lower slopes.


We also owe a debt of gratitude to our loyal repeat customers, who have helped make our business what it is today.

Come and stay with us this winter, and enjoy the scenic snowy vistas while partaking in some of the many snow sport options Tsugaike Kogen has to offer for you and the entire family.

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